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Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Surgeon

Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Surgeon is a professional tree service and a Maine state certified arborist. In fact, We carry all the proper licenses and insurances to protect our consumers and the company alike.  We stay up to date on the latest arbor technology, safe climbing strategy, and rope rigging techniques.  Ultimately offering all types of tree services to the community.  Tree assessments, risk assessments, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree planting, inward pruning, canopy thinning, fertilizing, pest and disease identification, firewood processing, firewood by the cord. Thank you for choosing Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Surgeon as your local tree service

Tree Trimming

Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Service specialize in tree trimming, tree pruning, removing dead limbs, canopy thinning, inward pruning.  These processes promote healthier and safer trees on your property, allows you to open views, enhances visibility, and add safety and value to your family and investments.  In other wards trimming and pruning have to be done properly in order that the tree can heal properly.


Tree Removal

Hazardous tree removal and dead tree removal. Therefor trees that threaten structure or property should be removed to enhance property value and to add safety to your family and investments.  In any case this process take a very skilled climber, with a wide knowledge in knots, rigging techniques, and climbing techniques.

Stump Grinding

My Rayco Jr stumps grinder handles most stumps with ease. In addition you can add stump grinding to any tree removal past or present.  By raking out the chips or replacing with soil and seed you can watch as that ugly stump disappears into a beautiful addition to your yard. Above all this will enhancing the aesthetics value to your property.

Snow Removal & Roof Shoveling

Offering snow bank removals, commercial snow removal, roof shoveling, road clean outs, job site clean outs. We also do Tree removals on ice and many more winter type jobs

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