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God, Love and Family are the top priorities of my business.  Honesty and integrity goes a long way when building a reputation.  Responsibility and hard work because we care about the relationship with our consumers.   In reality we are building a company you can trust when you need reliability with quick action at a fair price.  Bryan Mcfadden is a professional Arborist dedicated to proper tree trimming practices, good fair business, and safe work environment with safe climbing practices.  Safe and healthy tree trimming and pruning practices with tree health in mind, in addition with good decision making in our removal process.  We care about our employees and our consumers alike while using the resources around us to complete jobs at a professional level.

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Hi, I’m Bryan McFadden, Im a licensed and Insured Arborist for southern Maine and owner of the tree service. We handle huge tree removals down to a single hazardous limb removal.  Tree trimming and pruning, removing anything that causes concern and also stump grinding.  I work with many different companies to accomplish these difficult tasks, as a result saving the consumer money and time.  I have studied arboriculture and will continue to study my trade as long as I continue the path as an Arborist.  As a professional climber i keep up to date with new climbing techniques and equipment.  Offering free risk and tree assessment, with tree heath and budget in mind.

arborlicAs a homeowner its your job to look and see if your tree service is operating business properly.  Its very risky to hire unprofessionals, please make sure there license and Insurances are up to date.  Its worth the few mins to do the research.  Consequently, It will protect you from losing what you have worked for, please protect yourselves.  In my opinion, cheaper is not always better in the arborist trade.

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