What is an arborist licenses? p1240158

Arboriculture work as defined for licensing purposes includes:

*Leaving the ground for pruning or trimming, installing cabling or bracing, diagnosing and evaluating conditions of trees. Felling or taking down trees in developed areas.

For licensing purposes arboriculture work does NOT include:

*Planting and fertilizing, stump grinding, chipping, house and wood lot clearing, treating for pests and diseases. (requires a commercial pesticide applicator license).

Why a licensed arborist?

Anyone performing arborist in Maine, must first obtain an arborist license.  An arborist license allows an individual to work independently in arboriculture.  Candidates for an arborist license must pass a test in either landscape, utility or both categories demonstrating the knowledge, skill, and capability to safely and professionally provide arborist services to the public.

Both of these answers come out of the Maine law book.  Its very very important to use licensed arborists, for you safety.  In Fact, You must have state certifications to practice the trade.  Not to mention, if you do not have a licensed arborist on the job while tree work is being done and the unforeseen happens.  In conclusion, the job will not be insured because the people who are doing the job, are not following all state laws.  Consequently, making it a very dangerous position for a home owner or business owner to be in.  Its not safe business!

Professional Arborists

Professional Arborist spend many years learning, training, and studying the arborist’s trade.  Learning proper climbing techniques.  Weights and ratios of what ropes can handle after bends and knots.  Proper rope rigging techniques, knot tying, and safety line placement.  How to diagnose disease and pest problems accurately and guide consumers to proper treatments.  Running saws and heavy equipment safely and effectively.  What to do with the debris and how to handle the cut log safely and in a timely manner.   Trust me when I say, “leave it to the pros!”

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