cropped-finaldraftcrossclimber.pngTree Trimming

Tree trimming, pruning, are essential for tree health and proper growth. Removing dead libs, widow makers and other hazards adds safety for you, your family, your property, and your investments. Inward pruning and canopy thinning will help add safety and help prevent damage from high winds and ice storms.

Tree Removal5d14138ca192e610ffff84c1ffffd523

Tree Removal; remove any tree that threatens you, family, property and investments. Remove dead trees for the obvious reasons.  Add safety and value to you property. In fact, we are specialized in technical removals, hazardous removals, and dead tree removals.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a process of grinding stumps, performed after a tree removal.  Remove the stump for ascetic reasons, add grass landscape shrubs or a tree in its place.  This process adds value to your property by removing those unwanted stumps and also prevent water shoot from improperly growing back causing trouble in the future.

Firewood + Firewood Processing

Prepare for the winters.  Offering hardwood cord that has been seasoned 1 year, and yes we deliver.  Add firewood processing to a tree removal job then when removing those problem trees, you are gaining recourses in the process and saving money in the long run.

Disease and Pest Identification

Is the most important job of all.  We will use years of experience and training or will perform additional research to acquire the accurate diagnosis of the tree’s pest or disease problems

Replanting New Treescropped-Lewiston-Auburn-Metroploitain-Chamber-of-Commerce.png

Always encouraging planting new trees, new landscape projects, avoiding erosion issues, adding privacy, or adding ascetic valve, “planting trees are a good idea!!”


A process alike no other. Reaching out to the scientific community, we individually study each tree and soil contents. We culture are own organic live cultures, fungus, bacterias. Mycorrhizae plays an important role in soil biology. PH levels, Iron levels, food sources, aerating are other things to keep in mind.  We are strictly Organic, and are a healthy replacement to chemical fertilization.

Snow Removal & Roof Shoveling

Commercial snow removal: Job site snow clean out, road clean outs, driveway snow removal, (No Plowing). Roof shoveling is important for your homes safety.  Prevent roof collapse and extreme damages.  Add safety and piece of mind.

24 Hr Emergency

Call us in emergency situations, fallen trees across driveways that blocks traffic, removing snapped trees off the roof, trees blown over in a storm, uplifted roots

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