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Contact Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Surgeon to handle your tree service needs. Bringing you high quality arborist work to your area.  Call anytime to discuss your project.  Offering to give free quotes for risk assessment and job assessment to help fit a budget you are trying to maintain.  I will answer questions you might have in the Arborist field.  Please call today and we will set you up for an appointment, and remember this process is free.  We want to relieve any questions that might be stopping you from making good decisions based on you goals, property value, and family safety.

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Your families safety is worth mentioning twice.  In fact, trees are dangerous and have injured and kill people, damaged property, and damage homes, and quite regularly.  Regrettably this is from neglect and in most cases these disasters and tragedies are preventable.  Still, have an Arborist come out and look at the property every year to assist the risk of your property.  Fertilize the trees, and to make sure everything is growing in proper heath.  Bryan McFadden holds a Maine state arborist certification with license and insurance.  You can guarantee proper assessments, with accurate diagnosis, and expert tree care.  In conclusion by promoting heathy trees, you and you family to enjoy them for years to come. Thank you for choosing Bryan McFadden LLC Tree Surgeon for all your Tree service needs. Organizations we trust

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Member of the Lewiston Auburn Metro Chamber of Commerce, Maine Arborist Association, And A+ Accredited Business  with the Better Business Bureau, striving to help the community feel safe about business.  First and foremost, building a safe community together, but on the other hand pairing up with business to get those tree jobs done safely and legally, with budget in mind.  From a climber to a crew we are here to service you and all you tree service needs.