Big Pine Tree Removal

Gray, Maine

This tree removal was granted to me because of the years of carpenter ants building their home inside the tree.  As a result, the tree had concern for failure, so we got permission from the city of Gray to remove this tree.  Surrounded by power lines and flagging Route 26 it was a difficult, tight, and skillful job.  Climbing high to avoid damaging water pipes, driveway, main roads, electrical wire.  A little stump grinding and some work and you can’t even tell that beast of a tree was even there.


Winter Climbing

Tree Removal in the snow.

2015 winter in Maine was a light one.  We didn’t slow down much due to cold weather, snow storms, or ice storm.  Even though it was a mild winter, tying ropes while you can’t feel your hands can be kinda tricky. Or loading the trailer in the early evening dark.  We love what we do and the people we work for.  Keep in mind we do a lot of little things for people in the winter as well.  Roof shoveling at times, felling trees on frozen lakes.  These 4 photos are two different tree jobs.  In the top two pictures, both of those monster pine trees came down.  In the two bottom pictures,  are a bundle of trees removed on a cold day in the winter.

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Do trees freeze in the winder? Yes, 18 below is the common temp trees begin to freeze, brrr